Sun, relaxation and beach: the beach bars are new ways to conceive the stay at the sea, places to spend a day in an exclusive environment under the cuddles of hot rays.

Not only bathing establishments, but also restaurants on the beach, where you can relax, enjoy a drink or enjoy good food, all just a stone’s throw from the sea. And yet fun, beach tennis courts, volleyball courts, open air fitness. Beach bars are a real place of innovation.



In general, here’s what’s working on the beaches:

  • TARGETIZED FORMATS: these are concepts that first of all have a very strong identity. Certainly – especially those abroad – they are already in fashionable and already positioned destinations, but the successful venue always has clear characteristics. 
  • …WITH SPECIFIC PROPOSALS: the offer also goes in this direction. Today we are in an era where the customer buys an experience developed around a brand, that is something that represents a mix of values ​​that are acquired by going to a place and buying a service.
  • …WHICH TELLS A HISTORY: in the beach bars that work there is a great strategy that includes elements such as experiential marketing and storytelling, fundamental to conquer the customer.


If the identity is very close to the marketing environment, the elements of the management control and the operational organization are of a different nature, but still fundamental for managing a beach bar. From the operational point of view, it is indeed a duty to have a very precise control both upstream and downstream, otherwise we risk doing a big business but with little profitability. In other words, we must take care of the “back office”, behind the scenes the organization must be very precise in order to support what the customer sees. We go down in the practical. What are the management tools to manage a beach bar effectively and efficiently? A marketing plan: to build a sort of total look that provides a 360-degree service. The guest arriving in the morning can stay in the same place until late at night – depending on the legislation, so if we are in Italy or abroad. So planning different activities throughout the day allows to enrich the guest experience, which sees the scenarios change and can be involved in various consumption occasions. Management control: to develop a meticulous analysis of costs and revenues, we rely on the principle yield per square meter, as in restaurants. It is in fact applicable to the drafting of beach umbrellas, to the number of sunbeds, to the income from the beach, to the number of evening drinks served as an aperitif or after dinner. All these elements, reporting to the same management model, are applicable to different types of formats. Do you want to know all the practical tools to manage a beach bar in a profitable way? Watch my video tutorial:





Italy is dotted with bathing establishments with an extremely refined design and complete with every service, which attract tourists and pour large crowds on our beaches:

Hospitality and relaxation are the key words at this beach bar in Chioggia. It is a seaside resort equipped with every comfort, extremely elegant and refined. A modern design created by Afa Arredamenti and structured with solarium, restaurant, large umbrellas, private tents with sun beds that become real marine suites, raised above the sand and equipped with extra large luxury beds, table and bench, removable top curtain. Here the catering service is direct, a true oasis of privacy by the sea.


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An historic bathing establishment in the Ravenna beaches, open from dawn to much beyond sunset. The ideal place to spend relaxing moments in an innovative space, completely renovated with a bar-restaurant with a modern design where you can enjoy a quick snack or dine in peace. For the interiors Afa has conjugated pure lines and delicate shades: a bar area with a plaster effect finish and oak wood for details, with sea-tops. In this case the bright and relaxing atmosphere was created through elegant round tables in blond wood and the light spots embellished with a red note. The Taormina Bath also offers a large outdoor area, consisting of a lush garden with tables and large umbrellas and sea sails, peaceful haven in the hot hours of the day, and a more convivial area on the beach side with neutral and delicate tones of chairs , tables and curtains in perfect harmony with the colors of the sand.


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Un format completamente italiano che si sta aprendo al franchising, si posiziona e racconta la sua storia con un payoff altisonante: Miracle Beach. Nato dall’idea di tre soci che si sono inventati una nuova formula di beach club e entertainment, testato nel 2000 su Fregene infine esportato a Marina di Ravenna. Si basa su un concetto di spiaggia molto diverso da quello tradizionale, intrattenimento polisensoriale e valori forti. Atmosfera, arte, creatività, community. Interessante anche qui la scelta del design rilassante, prevalentemente di colore bianco, con tende leggere, sdrai e lanterne. Un momento davvero suggestivo al Singita Club è l’aperitivo al tramonto, durante il quale la spiaggia entra lentamente nella notte trasformandosi in un salotto a cielo aperto. Grandi teli bianchi vengono distesi sulla sabbia, mentre luci, fiaccole, cuscini e tavolini indonesiani accolgono chi vuole godersi lo spettacolo in relax e pura convivialità.

A completely Italian format that is opening up to franchising, is positioned and tells its story with a high-sounding payoff: Miracle Beach. Born from the idea of ​​three partners who invented a new beach club and entertainment formula, tested in 2000 on Fregene and finally exported to Marina di Ravenna. It is based on a very different beach concept from the traditional one, multi-sensory entertainment and strong values. Atmosphere, art, creativity, community. Here too, there is an interesting choice of relaxing design, mainly in white, with light curtains, deckchairs and lanterns. A truly enchanting moment at the Singita Club is the aperitif at sunset, during which the beach slowly enters the night into an open-air living room. Large white sheets are spread over the sand, while lights, torches, cushions and Indonesian tables welcome those who want to enjoy the show in relaxation and pure conviviality.


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Bathhouse of Paestum, whose story begins in an area where there was absolutely nothing at the time. A very interesting case on how to manage a beach bar, because the founder has created a real idea of ​​the Republic that in fifteen years has made the place a point of reference in the area. A very strong beach bar on drinks, with the idea of ​​living the night with big events. A formula that takes full advantage of the size of the room, small enough, the yield per square meter here is really excellent.


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There are other bathing establishments that are making tourists from all over the world go crazy. Let’s analyze some:

  • NASSAU: a local in Ibiza that offers a high quality catering even on the beach. Even the furniture is reminiscent of an international club, as indeed it is. Very often wins awards and ranks among the best in the Mediterranean, with a high market positioning: so we have a great quality of the raw material, attention to service and high price positioning.
  • NIKKI BEACH: now franchised format, is organizing openings all over the world. Nikki Beach started with a very innovative concept: managing a beach bar with the revenue formula – therefore with the idea of ​​bracelets with which to buy services inside the club, with different spending power depending on the color. Also, Nikki Beach brought the idea of ​​a beach lounge a little bit and became famous with the “Indian tent”. In each you can buy a range of services, including champagne.
  • PRINCESA 23: a very easy formula from Barcelona, ​​with small spaces but many customers. Sale at the counter, very few tables compared to the high clubs we have seen so far, but with a much higher rotation. The concept of profitability per square meter is nevertheless exploited to the full.
  • CAFè DEL MAR: very famous for sunsets, this beach bar in Ibiza does not have large spaces with chairs and tables and beds, but works a lot on the average ticket. People are watching the sunset on the rocks, entertaining themselves with more cocktails. Cafè del Mar is today also a well-established musical project.

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