Rover S FT is the Gantry work center designed for the Nesting processing of wood panels and derivatives, but also for plastic and non-ferrous materials. The features of the Rover S FT by Biesse are:

  • High precision and reliability over time
  • Maximum productivity, minimum overall dimensions
  • High processing flexibility
  • Customization of the workings according to the multiple production requirements

What is the Rover S FT?

It is a machine with a solid and balanced structure, calculated to withstand greater machining efforts without compromising the quality of the product. It is equipped with a heavy monolithic base that guarantees solidity and absence of vibrations for a constant and lasting quality of the product over time. The Gantry structure with double motorization in X is designed to raise the standards of precision and reliability in the execution of the workings.

The automatic lubrication ensures a continuous lubrication of the main moving parts of the machine, for which the operator’s intervention is not required.

The double motorization in the X axis allows to reach high speeds and accelerations while maintaining high precision and excellent finishing quality.

The accelerations go up to 3 m / s2 and the speed up to 85 m / min.

There is talk of high processing flexibility as there is a wide range of sizes available that allows you to work all sizes of typical nesting panels. In this way, customers can choose the most suitable machine for their needs.

Rover S FT offers advanced worktop technology for working panels of different types and sizes with maximum reliability. Its work plan, with high air flow, allows an efficient distribution of the vacuum.

The multi-zone technology automatically adapts the vacuum of the machine to the various dimensions of the panels used by the customer within his own production.

The vacuum clamping adapts perfectly to the dimensions of the panel and allows the passage from one format to another without the need for manual operations.

Productive economy

Increased productivity and efficiency, maintaining high quality standards and fast delivery times.

Biesse machining centers for Nesting machining allow you to have a finished product worked on a single compact machine at a competitive price. The solid and balanced structure The machine is designed to withstand greater machining efforts without compromising the quality of the product and ensuring maximum finishing on different types of material.

Reduction of tooling times

There are up to 20 tools and aggregates available in the machine. Furthermore, it is possible to switch from one machining operation to another without requiring operator intervention for tooling. Another advantage of Rover S FT is the reduction of machine set-up times without errors on the part of the operator, thanks to the contact Presetter which allows the automatic measurement of tool length.

Maximum productivity, minimum overall dimensions

Biesse offers technological solutions for loading and unloading panels that increase productivity by up to 40%. The loading and unloading operations take place at the same time, thus allowing the operator to remove the machined pieces in the unloading station in total safety. In the meantime the machine is already working on the next panel.

There is also the identification and traceability of the panel in the production flow thanks to automatic or manual labeling.

The panel loading system with scissor lift and automatic panel alignment. The simplicity of the system guarantees reliability over time.

The Sweeper Arm, with integrated extraction, simultaneously allows the unloading of the machined panel and the cleaning of the martyr panel, avoiding manual intervention and thus increasing productivity. The panel loading system is equipped with a scissor lift and automatic panel alignment. The simplicity of the system guarantees reliability over time. The panel is moved by a suction system with suction cups with dynamic vacuum. A solution that adapts to any type of surface.

Compactness and ergonomics

Rover S FT in stand alone version is the most compact solution on the market. Allows the operator to access the three sides of the machine ensuring maximum ergonomics and safety.

The 6/8 position rack magazine provides a simple and functional solution while maintaining maximum compactness in the overall dimensions. It is possible to configure the machine with the pendular functionality in order to work panels on opposite origins in an alternating manner and then perform loading and unloading operations in masked time.

Thanks to this cutting-edge machinery there is the possibility of increasing production capacity.

Maximum cleaning of the product and the factory

There are several optional cleaning solutions for the panel and the surrounding environment of the machine that allow the operator not to waste time in cleaning operations.

Adjustable suction hood on 6 positions. Suction from underneath between the machine and the conveyor belt.

Additional extractor kit for waste conveyor composed of a suction hood positioned at the end of the mat.

Rover S FT also means more advanced technology at your fingertips

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