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Innovation at the disposal of catering industry. New food spaces for lunch break: Ernst &Young in R

Food catering, beyond being pleasure and fun, is, most of all, the solution to one of the most essential need of each person: eat.

Sometimes the excitement of our days is interrupted from a restaurant lunch break and other times it is aggravated from sad situations. A solution is now suggested from FOORBAN that does not just deliver healthy, full and balanced meals but place itself in important business realities with FOORBAN STORE.

The image reflects the flavor and freshness concepts characteristic of the format. Studio SC+ is been able, through a modern and good project, made of appropriate materic and chromatic combinations, of materialize the “eat healthy and comfortably” concept, which has allow FOORBAN to attract the attention of numerous companies and offices (Pwc, Ernst&Young, Amazon, Wellio, Enel).

AFA Arredamenti has realized Ernst&Young’s store in Rome, Wellio co-working in Milan and many others in construction.

The spaces disposal in Rome is been studied in relation to the flow of people during lunch break: service units, cutlery boxes, monitor wall to show the groceries offers and the large fridge where FOORBAN staff place the ordered food; there is the café counter which has black Fenix in the front side with like-oak laminate strips, horizontal placed. To finish the place, there are the short and tall seats with tables and snack’s shelfs, besides the other furnishing services for the microwave and dressing.

The aesthetic shapes of FOORBAN, in Milan, is been influenced from the architectonic contest in which is located: the front side is been giving a noble style (by canaletto walnut with a triangular section) as well as the worktop (in Black Marquinia porcelain effect). There is a classical furniture which contains the large fridge, while, for the service units, is been realized a tailored piece of joinery with recessed doors (refinement in Canaletto walnut with veneered with herringbone vein) which, once closed, allow to make invisible all the inside content when not used.

Wide and complete offer: a lot of healthy and delicious dishes and a café area to provide a real food experience.

Tailored space: a food space designed with the help of our architects and suppliers following the company needs.

Innovation: a Corporate app to an innovative and designed space to satisfy the new break lunch demand.

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