Sogni di Latte

A place where furniture is combined to give life to a unique environment

Sogni di Latte Napoli is a place to discover and rediscover the taste of cheese, not only those common but especially those that nourish the soul and the eyes, able to excite and why not, entertain. The products marketed in this exercise are: cheese, noble milk, yogurt, ice cream, jams, bread, beer, wine.

Black background, black and white checkered floor and wooden shelves for the display of various foods. A counter made almost entirely of wood, with white glass front mirrored with the brand logo in the center in view.

Sogni di Latte is a hot shop, without barriers, where it is possible to freely circulate among the products.

They can thus appreciate its aromas, the preparation and the flavors thanks to continuous free tastings. You can also know everything about a product. You will discover the best combinations with jams, bread, craft beer and wine.

There is the possibility of buying a buffalo mozzarella, very special because it is kept in beautiful thermal tanks designed by our designers and able to maintain an ideal temperature for preservation of the product.

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