Fish market with kitchen: care and love for food without neglecting conviviality and hospitality

The BARRA project encompasses two souls in one place: a fishmonger's and a restaurant, clearly physically separated due to different requirements but within a single context and with a common raw material: fish.

BARRA takes its cue from the best Spanish restaurants to design this new adventure. Barra, which means counter in Spanish, is an informal, quick and different way of conceiving a meal and tasting everything. A journey to be shared with those around you, in a menu that changes every day because you never know what the sea has to offer. An aperitif, a quick lunch, a fun dinner... a great choice of raw and cooked fish, including "cicchetti", tapas and portions of fresh fish.

Rustic, deliberately spartan atmosphere, obtained with the use of raw iron and natural wood, appropriately treated.

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