The external space of a room is the first element that captures the customer’s attention. What then are the best solutions to enhance the outdoor spaces of a room so that they become profitable for management?

A weighted design of the outdoor area can determine the success of the entire activity. We have said this for the hotels and we reiterate it, perhaps with even more conviction, for the Public Exercises. In the case of bars and restaurants, in fact, making the outdoors livable allows us to increase the usable surface, so the capacity of the room. For the benefit of collections. If we consider then that the outdoor space represents an added value in the experience offered to the customer, especially in the warmer months, making outdoor spaces pleasant – as much as the interior ones – becomes a real must for the managers.


Come valorizzare gli spazi esterni di un locale


Large or small, the exteriors must be in total harmony with the identity expressed within the premises. Design an aesthetic with materials, lights and colors that involve and attract customers, but must be an extension in line with the corporate personality, what we call brand identity. It is essential the presence of simple symbols or elements attributable to the brand, which make it immediately recognizable by the people passing through.

From the sign to the lights, from the preparation of the dehor to the mise en place, focusing on aesthetics is therefore a winning choice to enhance the external spaces of a room, provided that this investment also meets functional criteria. So, on what elements is it worth focusing? What are the factors that allow the customer to spend time in a really nice open space? The industry experts have answered this way.


It is important to proceed with criteria by relying on professionals able to suggest and implement the winning solution for every reality, with materials tested for outdoor use and furnishing accessories designed to make design but also to be easily moved.” The Afa Arredamenti team responded, boasting more than 14,000 projects already realized for accommodation facilities, Public Exercises and other commercial and private companies. “Relying on an experienced and competent supplier benefits three essential aspects of investment choices: aesthetics, functionality and bureaucracy. The solutions for enhancing the external spaces of a room are endless: many bars located in high-traffic areas, for example, could extend their operations using the surrounding pedestrian area. A restaurant could increase the number of seats by setting up an already existing and unused garden, or by obtaining a space in concession on an adjacent square. “


Come valorizzare gli spazi esterni di un localeIn addition to aesthetics, therefore, a series of functional aspects must be considered for the success of the project. The choices we make must respond to a specific need: what did we plan to do with that area? Depending on the type of room, its location and the impression that you want to give, you can provide simple pergolas, tensile structures, outdoor roofs, gazebos, umbrellas. Or heating systems, for winter use. And again, vases, planters, lamps, placemats and candles. Because if it is true that the “design” voice weighs down the costs of the individual pieces of furniture, it is equally true that it pays off in the final result. By making the outdoor space highly attractive, the whole room will be more attractive. Let’s see some examples.


  1. Bal Harbor of San Teodoro – Sardinia

Restaurant and Beach bar overlooking the port of San Teodoro in Sardinia, with a large outdoor area with swimming pool, garden and two outdoor bars. An enchanting project was created for them, where it is possible to dine “floating” in a unique and exclusive atmosphere.

Come valorizzare gli spazi esterni di un locale

Bal Harbour, San Teodoro (Sassari)

  1. JSB – Latina

This is the case of a room flush with the street. To obtain a more collected and defined outdoor space, Afa has inserted a continuous element in wood and glass with integrated planter; chairs and tables in die-cast aluminum floral motif alternating with comfortable sofas furnish the outdoor space, expertly lit.

Come valorizzare gli spazi esterni di un locale


The exteriors of Johann Sebastian Bach

3. Castello di Albereto – Rimini

What better solution than a simple and gracious project to enhance outdoor spaces in local? And ‘the case of this restaurant: soft colors for tablecloths and curtains in perfect harmony with the natural stone, authentic and peaceful harmony highlighted by candles and lanterns.

Come valorizzare gli spazi esterni di un locale

Castello di Albereto

  1. Ristorante Symposium – Budoni

Room furnished with sobriety for the Sardinian Symposium restaurant, where the interior space is expanded by a fixed wooden structure embellished with white curtains that shelter from the warm sun of the daylight hours and create an environment in the night.

Come valorizzare gli spazi esterni di un locale

The Symposium seafood restaurant in Budoni

  1. Bar Art Cafè – La Maddalena

The Art Cafè, in the heart of the historical center of La Maddalena, uses the pedestrian area in front of it for its outdoor space: intertwined armchairs, tables with simple lines and natural elements such as olive and bamboo.

Come valorizzare gli spazi esterni di un locale

Bar Art Cafè – Maddalena

As we said, the solutions to enhance the outdoor spaces of a room are many. You have to find the one that best enhances your Public Practice. Without forgetting to proceed to a careful check: if you do not want your outdoor space to turn from a corner of paradise to a circle of hell, you must make sure that the conditions of feasibility exist and provide you with the appropriate authorizations. Each context has indeed specific rules to be respected.