From January 19th to 23rd AFA at Sigep 2019  PAD. A1 STAND 015-019




Sigep 2019 is the most sought-after fair par excellence. Getting to its 40th edition, this fair is well-known worldwide and is an undisputed leader in the fields of artisan ice-cream bar, pastry, artisan bakery and coffee. It is exclusively dedicated to professional operators from all over the world. This big and famous exhibition anticipates trends and innovations of the 4 supply chains concerning raw materials, ingredients, equipment, furnishing and services. It represents a rich show of competitions which rewards the world excellences. Furthermore it develops the international networking and makes increase business.

At Sigep there are 5 sectors:

  • Ice-cream
  • Pastry
  • Chocolate
  • Bakery
  • Coffee

Ice cream

Sigep 2018: Il gelato vi aspetta!
A stand with ice-cream flavours on the Sigep Fair


The Sigep Fair, also known as “Fair of Ice-Cream” is the unique fair in the world where the production chain of artisan ice-cream is well-represented: from the concepts of the public spaces to the services, passing through the core business of technologies and ingredients.  But it is also the fundamental appointment where the presentation of new products and brand new technologies takes place. It is the fulcrum of the meetings of all elements of the supply chain: you will find from traders to the distribution chain, from manufacturing companies to the trade associations and media.


Speciali cupcakes con gelato sopra - Sigep 2018
Making on the Sigep with delicious cupcakes


The pastry section is memorable: it gathers the most important companies of the sector, from ingredients, passing through all technologies, furnishings, packaging, decorations and services. Here you find the biggest worldwide concentration of the firms operating in this field. It is a unique experience, where the operator can test and fully understand the market of the artisan confectionery. The next edition of Sigep presents a calendar of events dedicated to the bakery of extraordinary level. Within the arenas of Pastry Events and Pastry & Culture and at the stands of partner firms it will take place the best of Sigep professionalism. You have the opportunity to follow the main events on streaming, on the exclusive channel of the event, available on the website.


Cioccolatini con lavorazioni davvero stupefacenti - Sigep 2018
Also at the Sigep there will be stands with pralines of original and creative manufacturing


The section dedicated to chocolate combines the top of the Italian and foreign companies operating in the chocolate confectionery, machineries and accessories for its manufacturing, with events, competitions and shows dedicated to the precious “Food of the Gods”. On a unique fair the professionals can meet the most prestigious companies of the whole chocolate production chain combined with the big tradition of pastry arts. Chocolate is always protagonist at Sigep. Also in the big competitions dedicated to ice-cream and pastry, Chocolate Artisans are given several tests.


Sigep 2018 - È anche fiera della panificazione
There is also the sector of bakery


The sector dedicated to Bakery cannot miss the Sigep event, to complete the offer addressed to bakeries which deal also with baked cakes, to bakeries/patisseries, to bakeries/pizzerias.

The entire production chain of bakery focused on bread- and pastry-making, is fully represented, from raw materials, semi-finished products, all technologies with a wide range of machineries, plants, equipment, up to services and furniture, for an exclusive proposal that outlines the new trends and highlights innovation. To enrich the showcase dedicated to bakery, there are baked cakes plus a competition dedicated to “Young Ideas” schools.


Il settore del caffè sarà presente anche al Sigep 2018
Another sector featuring at Sigep Fair


The section dedicated to the coffee supply chain features a great exhibition, international projects and competitions. At Sigep takes place an extraordinary festival, which shows all manufacturing phases: from the plantations of the countries of origin through all production phases, following all different extraction methods of coffee till the beverage tasting.

All products, technologies focused on Espresso are featuring. With this particular showcase, the event completes the expositive proposal addressed to coffee bar-pastry shops, ice-cream bars, coffee bars and coffee & bakeries, enhancing all connections between the different product sectors.

The Sigep Fair is the ideal contest for the accomplishment of all finales of the international circuit WCE (World Coffee Events), promoted by the International Association Speciality Coffee.

In Rimini tens of barmen selected on the entire Italian mainland compete for the champion title of the Italian Barman’s Championship (CIBC), Italian Latte Art Championship (CILA), Italian Championship Coffee in Good Spirits (CICS), Italian Championship Brewers Cup, Italian Championship Roasting, Italian Championship Cup Tasting and IBRIK Championship.

Other unmissable experiences are those offered by BREW BAR & ESPRESSO BAR and various initiatives and events organized by prestigious companies.

Exceptional presentation of the international project Barista& Farmer, special event of training and competition in the countries of origin.

Live shows and Events

The Ice-cream Fair is a famous worldwide show which rewards talents, invests in new generations, brings the Italian excellence all over the world and the worldwide excellence in Italy. The most awaited championships take place here. Let’s make a list:

  • The World Cup of the Ice-cream Parlour;
  • Pastry Events; 
  • The Italian Barman’s Championships;
  • Chocolate Events.


…Why taking part in the fair. Here there are 5 valid reasons:

  • It represents the appointment Number 1 concerning the launch of trends, formats of public spaces and competitions of worldwide excellence;
  • It is the channel which is most desired by the companies in the sector;
  • It is a highly recommended meeting to display innovations;
  • It is the center of the meetings of all components of the supply chain industries;
  • It attracts the big investors of other fields.

Why to visit the Fair…

Sigep is the only worldwide appointment which embraces the international excellences of all supply chains of artisan ice-cream, white art and coffee. More than 160 thousands of professional operators become the real protagonists of the Italian style show which brings together business, competitions, trends, training and creativity.

More than 1.200 exhibiting companies choose Sigep to promote themselves on the market of the artisan confectionery. In 2018 it will be given more space to the networking, thanks to the extension of the area and the new platform of the business meeting which put in contact the exhibitors with the international buyers.

In conclusion, we can say that everybody takes part in Sigep! A network of collaborators which involves 40 countries guarantees indeed the international relationships.

To connect supply and demand in the best way, since various years it has been activated the “Top Buyer from Five Continents” project which allows foreign exhibitors and buyers to define in advance their meeting agenda during the Fair. You will find all information on the official website of Sigep.

PAD. A1 STAND 015-019