From the starting idea to the final set up, here’s how your layout becomes real.

First step: space and proportions

Our design process is always based on the planimetry: a two-dimensional drawing that represents and highlights with the right proportions the spaces which compose your place.

Appearance and materials: a photorealistic design

When we have already defined every space of your layout it is time to think about its aesthetic and simulate how it will look. 3D rendering design allows anyone to understand the visual impact of every detail and choice: colors combinations, materials, finishes.

The latest touches: looking for perfection

Usually the final results is an accurate execution of the project. But sometimes happens that we want to improve some details before starting the production. For example, we can change colors and combinations or complements: maybe a really small detail. However, in this specific case we made very few adjustments.

Video-story of Baccanale Vescovio, from the starting idea to the final set up.